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Delivery Informations

How can I track my order?

 Answer: You can track your order in these two simple ways:

  • A) Check your mailbox for our confirmation email with the shipping information. We provide you with the tracking number and link to the courier website. You can check the status of the transport of your shipment.

  • B) Log in to your account and click on My Account on the top right side of the webpage and then click on My Orders. By clicking the current order, you can find all the delivery information you need.

If you have your account information, track your order by simply by clicking on the TRACK MY ORDER button.

Manage Orders

Is it possible to change picture(s) on a product that has been ordered?

Answer: You can change the picture(s) on your purchased product, but only when your order still hasn’t been processed or shipped.

Once the order has been shipped, you are not able to cancel the order for obvious reasons.
If your order has not yet been shipped or processed (printed), you can send us an email with your request as well with the pictures (photos) you want to change on these email addresses: or
If you provide us with the number of your order, it would be helpful to shorten the whole process and make changes asap.

How and when can I cancel my order?

Answer:  You can simply cancel your order by sending us an email at but only when your order still hasn’t been shipped.
Once the order has been shipped, you are not able to cancel the order for obvious reasons. 
If you cancel an order that has not yet been dispatched, you will be refunded within 15 days of your cancellation confirmation.

How can I change my order?

Answer: You can make changes to your order if it has not yet been dispatched and/or printed as follows:

  • A) change the printing name
  • B) change the phone type (if available)
  • C) add the product to your order

In these cases, please contact us at
You can cancel your order or change your billing/delivery information in your order only if it has not yet been sent. If the shipment was sent, these changes could no longer be made.


Do I need to create an account in your store?

Answer: No. But we strongly recommend to doing it since like a registered customer you can check your order status as well as track your shipment directly from your account. And, on the other hand, it is also handy to have your information listed in your account when placing the next order. And, of course, we always think about you - our valuable customers with the new offers and sales sent by monthly newsletters.


Is it possible to replace the phone cover once received? If, for what reason yes and for what reason no?

Answer: Even though we are trying to prevent situations where a customer chooses a product for a different phone than the one he or she has, by helping them to correctly identify the phone (click on the " Identify your Phone" sub-page), of course this can happen. Unfortunately, there is no such option for personalized covers. It is logical and understandable that a cover with your name or photo cannot be sold to another customer. This type of product is manufactured according to the specific requirements of the customer and therefore the risk of the customer choosing the product for a wrong phone is borne by him/her. If this happens, please feel free to email us at and we will do our best to offer you a new product for your right phone at a discounted price.

Obviously, if you have found any damage to the product caused, for example, by the improper handling of the shipment during transport or a mistake while printing, we must deal with such cases promptly. We will be happy to do so. In such cases, please contact us at and we will guide you on how to proceed. Of course, another situation is with design covers that are not personalized to customers. We will be happy to exchange such a product for you. Just send it to our address along with the Return/Exchange form (click on the form page) to change (return) the product, where you can also find the address to which the product should be sent.

Is it possible to return the product? What should I do?

Answer: Of course, products that aren't personalized (by your photo or name) can be returned to us within 30 days of their delivery. You just need to fill in the product return form, fill in the IBAN account number, bank code (BIC) and send the product back together with the undamaged packaging to our address stated in the form, respectively in the “Contact” section.

Unfortunately, this option does not exist for personalized covers. It is logical that covers with your name or photo cannot be offered (sold) to another customer. This type of product is manufactured according to the customer's specific requirements (you). Therefore such products cannot be returned, as they are not legally covered by a 30-day return period as with the standard products.

So which kind of products can be returned and which not?

  • A) You can return all products that are not printed with your name or photo. You can do so without giving a reason, but we will be grateful to you for any feedback, whether it be positive or negative. It is always an inspiration for us. Thank you in advance.
  • B) All personalized products (printed with your photo or name) cannot be returned or exchanged. The exception are those that show signs of damage during transportation or contain a defect in the product in terms of improper printing or deformation or other apparent defects caused by the manufacturer or contractor.

What can be considered as a claim and how to proceed?

Answer: We do our best to prevent such situations, and our goal is to deliver to the client the best possible product worth the money paid. We have carefully selected the products and adjusted the technology we use with printing for so long till we achieved the best possible quality the technology allows. Of course, we are human as well, and we can occasionally be wrong and maybe miss something as well. Below is a list of cases covered by the guarantee and vice versa.

The following defects can, therefore, be claimed:
  • A) poor quality printing - poor quality printing can be considered if the product contains stains that were not part of the source file provided by the client and/or
  • B) print smears or the color does not adhere to the cover, possibly cracking and peeling and/or
  • C) the product itself contains a production defect - does not fit the cut-outs on connectors or control buttons, etc.
  • D) the product has been damaged due to improper handling during transport
The following defects cannot be claimed:
  • A) the client has chosen the wrong product for a different phone model than his/her own
  • B) the printed photo is not of sufficient quality (resolution) due to the insufficient (low) quality of the source (uploaded) file to our server by the customer
  • C) the colors do not match color displayed on customer's monitor - this is not a reason for the claim, as each monitor has a different color range and thus the manufacturer (……) cannot guarantee that the printed colors will be the same as on the customer's monitor/display
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